Further scenes of PIM 9

Posted by on February 20, 2017 in News | 3 comments

Our last update regarding the video shootings for PIM9 was quite a while ago. But we haven’t been inactive :-). The new movie will be available as usual in May to BoundCon.







  1. die Fotos sind ja irre, bin mal auf den PIM 9 im fertigen Endzustand gespannt !

  2. Hope that the download platform will be available soon.

    So I won’t have to cost additional postage fees, since new video is coming soon…

    • Hello deres,

      we will not have any download platform on our website. It is not legal for a German company to offer this kind of video content for download without an age verification system which is approved by German law. Effort and cost for such a system is far beyong our finacial possibilities.

      Best regards

      Der Jorge

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