About us

“Der Jorge”

Although I was born in Bavaria and live in Schongau I am not the “typical Bavarian”. I am rather somebody other people would call strange. I have never tried to fit into the mass, I rather tried to stay authentic and follow my own path. Already as a child I never did what other kids did. While my classmates took a ride on their bicycles I preferred to tie up my little soft toys with all kinds of bondage gear. While my classmates played soccer I preferred to blow up my model aircrafts – explosives are fun! At that time I started to take my first photographs, I even had a little photo lab. Later this hobby was replaced with my interest in computer and electronics. With 18 I started to study electrical engineering but the content was much too theoretical for me. I abandoned my studies and started to work in the IT-area. I have always been an outsider and with the years passing by I almost reached the point to think that I will never find an adequate partner. But then I met Takattum and everything changed. Due to the “new motivation” I started to take photographs again, to build our own props – and one day the idea for Captured Taboos was born. Finally I do have the opportunity to combine my technical skills and my creativity. Although or even because we think and act differently in some areas we are completing each other and are the perfect team.

I did not expect that it would be that difficult. But here is my answer: I just love it :-)!