„The Escape“ – September

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„The Escape“ – September

On that terrible day in the fountain they almost broke me, physically and psychically. I didn’t look fat that day, I wasn’t fat that day and I did not feel fat that day. To be honest, I felt pretty good looking that day. Nevertheless, loosing just a few pounds and having several light small meals instead of a few heavy ones could make the difference between discomfort and real pain, should I have to act as „decoration“ for an extended period of time again. And being in a good physical condition would increase my chance of a successful escape. And most important, I had to show him and especially HER, how stunning good I’m able to look. So I volunteered to participate in a diet and workout program. He told me that this was an excellent idea and of course he would support me in my plans. The following Friday he brought lots of vitamin- and protein-drinks and that lockable head cage that I had to wear permanently from that day on – except for reasons of personal hygiene. And the cage really helped me to resist all these temptations in the kitchen. The first days that head cage drove me almost crazy but I got used to it now. I have to loose weight slowly and he keeps an eye on my workout program. He doesn’t want me to get more muscles, but he encourages me in doing all kinds of fitness training. Diet and workout program are showing first positive results. I haven’t lost much weight, but got a much better condition and an almost perfect skin already. I can’t get this life-size picture out of my brain! It was that day in March, when I got my punishment for the ruined catsuit. After I had told him what happened, I had to spend the rest of the day and the following night wearing a rubber hood covering my whole head and I was put in a rubber sleeping bag. He strapped me firmly onto my bed in the dungeon and just before he left, he turned the heating on its maximum. I wasn’t able to sleep that night, it got incredibly hot and humid inside that hood and bag. I sweated like hell. He came quite late the next day to release me from my „nightwear“. Then I had a look in the mirror – and started to cry instantly. My face and my whole body were bloated, my skin pale and wrinkled. I had pimples all over my body and dark red stripes across my skin, where the straps had cut into my body. My hair was greasy. I had to stay completely nude all day and he took these horrible photos of me. I had never felt more intense shame before.


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