„The Escape“ – October

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„The Escape“ – October

I got stuck with the planning of my escape. One day I remembered what Admiral Kirk told the young Saavik in that Star Trek movie: „You have to learn how things work on a spaceship“. Well, I wasn’t on a spaceship but certainly I had to learn how several things work. The following weeks I spent a lot of time in the castle’s library and read books – not novels like before, I read books about medieval architecture. I learned that each castle has at least one underground escape tunnel. People in ancient times used them to escape from the castle in the case of fire or siege by enemies. It had to be somewhere and except for the playroom I went to all rooms in the basement months before. There was only one chance: I had to go to the playroom and play. So I started to read books about that BDSM thing, to get an idea what could happen to me. Mid of October I was prepared to play. Today, we went to the playroom. As it was the very first time, I was submitted to a simple but effective endurance test. I was locked into that gear with that plug inserted into my vagina. As the angle of its insertion did not match very well a woman’s anatomy I had to concentrate on my posture. I was forced to move to a very strenuous position to minimize the incredible amount of discomfort it caused. SHE was in the playroom as well and both of them just observed my movements and reactions, nobody talked. Suddenly my body reacted to the mechanical stimulation in a surprisingly way. But I tried not to show. She was focussing me and after a while she suddenly started to talk: „She is good, very good, look at the tension of her muscles and look at the wild expression in her eyes. And she looks fantastic! You’ll have great fun with her“. „Yes, you did make an excellent choice with her,“ he answered. Then she came in front of me and said: „Good bye, Melanie, I’ll have to leave, my job here is done“. Just before she left the playroom through the emergency door I heard her whisper: „Be careful, she might start enjoying the play. Take this, you know what to do,” she said while placing something in his hands. “Don’t worry, I will be careful,” he replied.


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  1. sehr hûbsche fotos

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