„The Escape“ – November

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„The Escape“ – November

I wasn’t surprised that there was an emergency door in the playroom. But I was extremely surprised about what SHE said that day. It didn’t make sense for me at all. I was very confused. Anyway, I had to spend more time with him in the playroom to get a feeling for the kind of play he preferred. This knowledge, I believed, would be essential for finding a way to escape from the playroom into freedom. His kind of play was simple but nevertheless creative and diversified. It was the same plot as my whole stay in the castle, he „simmered me on low heat“ until I was prepared, the only difference was that he started to enjoy the „meat“ when it was well done. I was supposed to be rebellious at the beginning, suffering in the middle and a mixture of soft but still a little bit rebellious at the end of the play. That was the kind of play he liked and I learned to use it for my own interest. Up to now I never managed to get rid of my restraints but I knew that I could succeed – I just needed more time. So I extended my active, rebellious part of the play, resulting in a longer time for me to suffer. He often left me alone in my „suffering phase“ for an unforeseeable amount of time – that could be my chance to escape.
One hour ago, I got into self-made trouble. The gear he had chosen this time seemed to be relatively harmless. The ankle-cuffs I had to wear were fixed to the floor. Usually, I had to wear them over boots, but today I had to wear these brand-new 6 inch ultra-high heeled pumps, so the cuffs had a quite loose fit. He told me that I had to stand absolutely still before he left, but I was led into temptation to get rid of these ankle-cuffs, the only parts of my gear hindering me to escape. Well, I better shouldn’t have tried it. The weights he had attached very loosely – one to the front of my collar, the other to the metal ring between my legs – fell off and these damned springs developed their full potential. One of them steadily pulling the collar to the front of my throat almost strangling me, the others doing a great job in pressing these strange-shaped pieces of metal between my legs firmly to my crotch, resulting in an intense and – as time passed on – almost unbearable sensation of pain. And I haven’t managed to get rid of the ankle-cuffs yet…


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