„The Escape“ – May

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„The Escape“ – May

I’m desperate. I realized that I might have to stay in this castle forever. No way to escape. All doors and gates to the outside of the castle are securely locked at all times and the wall surrounding the whole castle is absolutely impregnable for me. As far as I know, the castle is build on the top of a hill in a remote valley somewhere in the Alps. For any reason, neither tourists nor local people seem to come even in the vicinity of this castle. The exact purpose and the expected duration of my stay are still unclear for me. After that day in February he never mentioned the playroom again. Will he let me go, after I was willing to „play“ or will I be his „playmate“ forever? What will happen, if I’m not willing to play, will he get bored sometime and let me go? What will happen, if he gets bored but I have to stay anyway? Will it make any difference at all if I’m willing to play? The only thing I know is that this stuff in the playroom still causes the worst nightmares I ever had and I’m still light-years away from even thinking about the possibility to find out what’ll happen, if I AM willing to play. So many questions and no answers yet. And he can be so unforgiving when I manage to get him really disappointed. I thought that messed up catsuit wasn’t an issue for him anymore. I got my penalty that evening and the day after already and I did get another one the Friday after. Today, he suddenly told me, that I had to wear tights instead of risking that I will mess up my new catsuit again. Then he sent me out to the castle courtyard and told me, he didn’t want to see me back until dinner time. I did not understand his behaviour. I had worn the new catsuit for weeks now, and believe me, I had been very careful; there was not even the smallest scratch or stain on it. It is black like the old one but it is made of substantial thicker latex and is tailored tighter, therefore it is not very comfortable. It cuts into my joints, when I have to angle my arms or legs and it cuts permanently deep into my crotch – another little meanness to remind me that I made a mistake. Nevertheless, while waiting outside I wish I would wear this catsuit. It’s already May, but there is a strong, cold wind blowing from the still snow-covered hills into the castle. I’m cold, I feel insufficient and I feel so lonely. And there is another problem as well…


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