„The Escape“ – March

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„The Escape“ – March

This day was bewitched. I got new boots this morning, 5 inch heels instead of the 4 inch heels I wore the past two months. Next, the boots turned out to be at least one number too small and my feet started to burn like fire after a few minutes. I knew I wouldn’t be able to wear these shoes all days and I tried to convince him that I could hardly walk in these shoes. “I already told you that you have to make constantly progress and it is time to switch to 5 inch heels after more than two months,” he said. “I’m sure, these boots will stretch a little, so try to get used to them while doing your daily tasks. You can choose: If you perform well the next few days, I will think about getting you a better fitting pair of boots. If you don’t, you will not be allowed to leave the dungeon during the day anymore; you will loose all your privileges and have to spend your time practicing in front of the mirror again.” I did not really have a choice, so I had to obey. He sent me to the storage at the other side of the castle to get a bottle of wine for him. So I stumbled along that long, gravely gallery to the storage and fetched the desired bottle of wine. On the way back, the bottle slipped out of my silicone oil-treated glove and broke. While trying to pick up the fragments of the bottle I cut my catsuit. I couldn’t walk in these shoes any more and I already had destroyed my catsuit, so I decided to crawl back to the main building. I could have put off these damned boots, but this would have broken these little tamperproof seals he always attaches to any kind of zips and lacing. And believe me; I didn’t want to make things worse than they already were today. Having to wear this latex catsuit the whole day wasn’t that bad as I had thought in the beginning. It had a perfect fit, did not restrict me in my movements and, at moderate temperatures, I didn’t sweat while wearing it. And this suit was some kind of shelter for me as well. Nevertheless it was also some kind of psychical restriction and humiliation having to wear it, because I had to ask him for help in order to get un- and redressed or when I had to use the toilet. I wasn’t happy with this situation at all. Well, but right now I had to think about the best way telling him what happened today; he had been already angry enough when I left to get the bottle. I hope, he will not be too annoyed, but I fear the worst.


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