„The Escape“ – July

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„The Escape“ – July

It’s almost end of July and it’s a very hot summer, temperature rises every day above 30 degrees. I got some nice privileges a few weeks ago. I do not have to sleep in the dungeon any more. I moved to a room on the second floor, with a real bed and even a small window. I have my meals in the dining room with him, he even offers me wine after dinner – almost like a normal couple. After many months of having dinner sitting tight-laced on this chair in my dungeon, this is an incredible feeling. He allows me to wear tights, an only moderate tight corset and sandals during these hot weeks. I am even allowed to have a walk in the garden after sunset or to visit the library until I get tired. The nights in the dungeon were endless. It was not completely dark in the dungeon, he turned off the main light before he left, but one thing in the room was permanently illuminated. It took me hours to fall asleep every night, lying there strapped onto my bed just after dinner, staring at this life-size picture of me, which had replaced the large mirror in March. He wasn’t amused at all after I had messed up my first catsuit. He told me that I looked very attractive while wearing it and that it would have been easy to repair this single cut. He told me that dropping a bottle of wine while wearing slippery gloves could happen. But he told me as well that there was absolutely no excuse for messing up my catsuit completely like I did by crawling back to the main building. And at least therefore I had to get punished immediately. I will never forget what happened afterwards, but this was already months ago and the only thing I wanted to do now was to enjoy my new, humble „dolce vita“ here in the castle. Well, my plan to escape lost a bit of its priority. No changes regarding the „Casual Friday“, just to remind me at least once a week that all of my earned privileges could be revoked at any time and I’m still a prisoner in this castle. Sometimes I wonder what happened to HER, she hasn’t visited him for weeks. Perhaps that was the reason for my increase of comfort, but I’m not sure because he turned out to be a very moody person. Anyway, I do not miss her…


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