„The Escape“ – January

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Life already sucked before I woke up today. I had lived in Berlin and recently I had stayed with some people I had met on a party a few days ago. I hadn’t had a fixed job, no real friends and I had lost contact to my parents and relatives many months ago. No one will really miss me or even search for me. When I woke up it was pitch black, I wasn’t able to see anything. And there was something in my mouth I couldn’t get rid off, preventing me to speak or shout and it had a strong bitter taste. I was hardly able to suppress the urge to choke. And it felt like somebody had put my whole body fully dressed in some sort of large elastic bag. I tried to move. When I moved more than a bit, something cut through my clothes into my skin, forced me to stay in this uncomfortable „embryo“ position. Then I heard a voice: „Welcome to your new home. Your room isn’t ready yet. You’ll have to be patient, it won’t take long. Meanwhile think about what I will tell you now. You’ll have to stay here for a long time and it’ll be up to you to make the best out of your stay. You better take nothing for granted, not even the air that you breathe. I strongly advise you to behave well.“ „What are you waiting for; I’m getting cold outside in this outfit. Come on, connect her mask to the transport bag, she has to learn her first lesson,“ another voice said. I got panic and started to cry miserably when breathing suddenly started to get quite difficult. This must be the worst nightmare a human being ever had. I had no sense for time, but it felt like hours before I was eventually moved to my final destination. „Let’s open the package, I’m curious how my new toy looks like,“ the one voice said. „I’m sure, you won’t be disappointed, but it might take time to give her the necessary fine tuning. But first of all, she will need a thorough cleaning,“ the other voice replied. „Believe me; she will get the full, all-inclusive, intensive care package!“ „Great, that sounds promising, may I attend?“ „Sorry, I’ve got a different task for you.“ „You are mean!“ „Yes, I know.“ Then I felt that somebody started to tamper with my „packaging“…


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