„The Escape“ – February

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I haven’t seen much of the castle in the first month of my stay. To be exact, I’ve seen just one room, the dungeon in which they brought me after my arrival. The room was equipped with a plank-bed, a wooden chair, a toilet and a primitive shower. And there was a large mirror, too. The cleaning procedure I had to endure after I got unpacked was the very most humiliating thing in my whole life. Afterwards my skin and all somehow accessible parts of my body were not just clean, they were certainly almost sterile. I got new clothes and boots. All clothes were black, skin-tight and made of rubber or – for the first two weeks until my made-to-measure outfits were ready – of vinyl. The boots had 4 inch heels. I was told that I had to be able to stand and walk in these boots for a whole day and I had to learn to move securely and sexy in my outfits before I’ll be allowed to leave this room. I’ve never worn that kind of clothing and such high heels before. He came into my room daily in the afternoon to supervise my progress. Walking in this boots was hard at the beginning, but I got used to it after a few days. Walking sexy was the real challenge. I spent many hours in front of my mirror everyday, trying to move the way he liked me to. Today he seemed to be satisfied with my improvement and as a gift I received a guided tour through the main building. He explained exactly which areas I’ll be allowed to enter at certain times and which areas are forbidden at all times at this very beginning of my stay. Well, not many allowed areas at the moment, but I already understood that it’ll be on me to earn privileges for a better life here in the castle. The tour ended with his highlight, the playroom. He proudly showed me a very impressive collection of „lockables“, „insertables“ and „inflatables“ – gear I’d never seen before. „We could have a lot of fun together in this room,“ he said. „But believe me; I’ll never urge or even force you to enter this room with me. Just let me know, when YOU are willing to play“. I just looked at him and thought that this will never ever happen…“


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