„The Escape“ – December

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„The Escape“ – December

Today I managed to get rid of parts of my restraints in my suffering phase. Not all of them, but enough to escape through the emergency door before he was back. I ran along that tunnel and at its end SHE waited for me. I got a shock. „Took you a long time,” she said “but finally you made it. Last year, when I was his captive, I managed to escape in September already. Come closer, let’s get rid of your remaining restraints and after that, we have to talk,“ she said. „First of all, you’re free. There is a small village just a 30 minutes foot walk away. Go to the pension, they already have prepared a room for you.“ „Do these people know what’s going on in this castle?“ „Sure, and they help him to keep off all these stupid tourists during the summer.“ „Tell me, why did you return to him instead of going to the police, why did you help him to bring another girl to the castle and why did you choose me?“ „Well, there have been many other girls before. All had the same problems in their lives before they where brought to the castle, all of them escaped sooner or later and all of them returned until today.“ „So, you want to tell me that the whole thing is some sort of bizarre forced psycho-therapy for almost lost souls?“ „Call it what ever you like, but that’s not his intention, he just plays these games for his very own interests.“ „Okay, but why did you and the others return?“ „Believe me or not, we all felt pleasure in these sort of games and we – not just he – can have sensual enjoyment in the playroom as well. We just had to return and play our game. It’s just a matter of choosing the right people for this castle and it’s a tradition that it’s now up to you to make the next choice – if you should decide to return. It’s time for you to leave now, you should change clothes; it’s a cold evening!“ „I’ll keep this catsuit on until I arrive in the pension, but I would like to put my denim outfit, which I had worn at the day of my arrival, over it and I need to change shoes.“ „I prepared this for you, you know it’s Friday“. „I know, but please do not pull the belts so tight, I didn’t behave badly,“ I replied. „Melanie, you’re free; you don’t have to wear this anymore.“ I went on my way to the village, feeling the two „souvenirs“ I kept, deep inside of me. I had to hurry, that local anaesthesia he used to apply to my clit preventing me to have a climax during the playroom-sessions will stop working soon…


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  1. damn good story. i enjoyed every part of it, thank you!

    • Thank you very much for your nice feedback!

      Best regards

      Takattum & Der Jorge

  2. danke fur solche merkmale Geschichte. damn good work, I enjoyed every paet of it, thank you

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