„The Escape“ – August

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„The Escape“ – August

It’s still hot weather, already 25 degrees when I woke up this morning. I had pancakes, lots of maple syrup, coffee and fresh orange juice for breakfast. Then, just after I was finished with breakfast and wanted to leave for the bathroom, his mobile phone rang. „Yes, see you in 30 minutes, my dear“. Everything happened very quickly after that call. I had to slip into my black catsuit, he grabbed the next corset available and within minutes I was completely dressed with latex and boots again. He brought me to this old fountain and told me to step into it. Just a few seconds before he tightened the neck-to-mouth corset I asked him what I’ll be supposed to do today. „Nothing, just look cute and DO NOT MOVE until you’re told to“. SHE was back. She came into the castle and suggested to have a picnic with him – under an old oak’s shadow just 10 meters away from me. She had managed to get a perfect tan the past weeks, perfectly fitting to her long black hair and the bright white ultra mini skirt and her short top. I heard them talk: „Nice decoration, tell me, how is „Fountanella“ today?“ she said. „Well, she won’t have a very good day. We had to hurry this morning, she missed the toilet, she had a rich breakfast and I was hardly able to get the corset closed. And it’ll be very hot today again!“ „Yes, she looks a little bit fat, doesn’t she?“ she answered. „By the way, you’ve never seen her nude! Have a look at these photos I took in March,“ he said. She looked at the photos and started to laugh loudly. „These are the ugliest pictures of a woman I’ve ever seen! Now I understand why she’s always dressed from head to toe and she has to use make-up“. Wow, that did hurt! I had the utmost difficulty to suppress my tears. Why did he treat me this way? Today I do not hate her, I hate HIM. And I realized that I was the looser again. I have to ignore my aching rips, my bladder, the cramping feet, the burning heat of the sun; I have to „survive“ the next hours. How could I be so stupid! I will never ever have a good life here; I do have to keep on planning my escape– but this time with highest priority…


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  1. The question is: Fiction or reality?

  2. Hello Andreas,

    thank you for your comment. We always hoped to find the right place to realize our film „The Escape“. Unfortunately we did not, therefore it stayed fiction.

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