„The Escape“ – April

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„The Escape“ – April

It is „Casual Friday“ again! The only day of the week I neither have to wear latex, nor corsets, nor any kind of high heeled shoes. And I’m allowed to walk freely through the accessible parts of the castle – the whole day, until he’s back from shopping in the evening. I had worn this outfit on that day I was brought to the castle, there was just one difference. My original pair of jeans did not have this perfect fit that he likes so much, so he had my jeans sewed tighter. A denim outfit doesn’t sound too bad, does it? But the true purpose of this “Casual Friday” is far away from giving me relief once a week. He taught me that having to wear a latex suit six days a week requires an utmost attention to skin care and hygiene. Therefore I have to undergo this intensive cleaning procedure once a week. After the cleaning he treats me with a very rich body cream to keep my skin in a good condition. This is one of the two reasons why I am allowed to wear denim; just to protect my catsuit, because skin cream and latex do not go well together. The other reason is that he wants me to wear this „little cute Geschirrchen“, one of his favourite „wearables“. He puts it over my denim outfit only on „casual Fridays“ because it could ruin my latex suit. This thing is really vicious, it’s capable of creating immense pressure on my body, but unlike the tight-laced corsets I usually have to wear, it doesn’t spread the pressure evenly over my body. It’s made of thick leather belts, joint together with steel rings and rivets. When the belts are pulled really tightly I can feel these rivets cutting through my skin and pressing strongly against my ribs and pelvic bone. I think I did behave well this week. The belts aren’t pulled as tight today as many Fridays before when he wasn’t very happy with my behaviour. And the chain between my ankles is quite long today as well. One Friday – after I ruined my catsuit – he pulled the belts unbearably tight and locked the ankle cuffs directly together, so I wasn’t able to walk that day. I loosened some of the belts just a little bit after he left, but I didn’t manage to get them back into their original position before he arrived. Since that day, I have to wear this damned spreader bar between my arms on Fridays. Absolutely no chance to reach the buckles any more…


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  1. Hallo Jorge,

    vielen Dank für die kleinen Geschichten zu Deinen tollen alten Fotos. Werdet Ihr noch einmal so ein Kalenderprojekt machen?

    Übrigens gefallen mir die früheren Designs mit den engen Jeans und dem „Geschirrchen wirklich auch sehr gut. Bei aller Liebe für Leder und Latex – das sind wirklich auch sehr sexy Fetische!

    Weiter so!

    • Hallo Maria,

      vielen Dank für Deinen netten Kommentar. Unser Traum ist, das Kalenderprojekt einmal zu verfilmen, was aber bisher an der mangelnden entsprechenden Location scheitert. Ein neues Kalenderprojekt in Bild- und Textform haben wir nicht geplant.

      Enge Jeans finde ich total klasse, die kommen bei mir gleich nach Latex. Das Geschirrchen war eines meiner ersten Selbstbauprojekte, an dem ich nach wie vor sehr hänge.

      Liebe Grüße

      Der Jorge

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