Pictures in Motion Vol. 8 – Adult Entertainment“

Gepostet von am Februar 21, 2014 in Unsere Videos | 4 Kommentare

Spielzeit: ca. 66 min.
Dialogsprache: deutsch (teilweise englisch)
Bildformat: 16:9
Untertitel: Englisch (teilweise deutsch)
Erhältlich als: DVD, Blu-ray, USB-Stick (SD/HD, keine Untertitel)


4 Kommentare

  1. Juergen
    I have been trying to purchase a copy of PIM8 but once again am having trouble with Paypal. If it is not too much trouble would it be possible for you to send me an ‚invoice‘ in the same way you did for the last one? That seemed to work.
    Thank You
    Aneurin (better known as Nye)

    • Hello Aneurin,

      thank you very much for purchasing our latest video. I’ll send you an invoice via PayPal, that is no problem at all.

      Best regards


  2. Could i download? Via paypapl invoice please. How much it cost?

    • Sorry, but unfortunately we do not offer our videos for download. You can purchase them either on DVD/BD or USB-stick.

      Best regards

      Der Jorge

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