Fotoshooting mit Matthias Wallmeier – Teil 2

Gepostet von am Juni 29, 2015 in "Takattum's world", News | 2 Kommentare

Hier, wie versprochen, Bilder vom 2. Teil des Shootings mit Matthias. Wir mussten uns ganz schön beeilen, denn es war ein ziemlich fieses Gewitter im Anmarsch.






2 Kommentare

  1. Hi Takattum, Hi Jurgen,
    Great outfit and mask. Takattum is still beautiful. I often go to with my girlfriend. I wear a skinsuit and by top a overall ( boots, gloves, mask included) MD-Latex with mask. Then I add an Mc intosh pimp with a hood. I like very much walking so and my partner is delighted to bring me out and especially to see the reaction of the walkers and the public that we can meet.
    How long did Takattum stay like this (dress)? Did you walk a little bit even with the high heels of beautiful the laced boots?
    How does Takkatum support the breath through a mask? For my part my partner puts necessarily filters and it became me essential.

    A last question concerns latex skinsuit overall, how long does Takattum arrive has to wear them? 2 hours, half a day, a whole day?
    And the headcage? And the chastity belt with plugs?

    Thank you in advance for your answers and I make you full of kisses to you two. Aless

    • Hello Alessandra,

      thank you very much for your comment and we are glad, that you like our pictures.

      I can wear rubber suits all day long, but afterwards my skin looks as if I had been in a bathtub for too long. The headcage and the chastity belt are very restrictive, therefore I cannot wear them as long as the rubber suit; may be a few hours.
      When I wear gas masks I don’t support my breath by using special filters.
      It is easy for me to walk in these boots; during exhibitions for instance I wear them almost the whole day … but to walk on this soft ground during this photoshoot was a little bit tricky :-).

      Best regards, Takattum