Eros & Amore 2006

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2006/9/23 – 2006/10/3 Event-Arena Munich This was our first erotic fair and lasted 10 days. The visitors and their interests were completely different compared to the fetish fairs we had attended before. But it was an experience we don’t want to miss. We had a great respect for all the dancers. This is hard work; hats off to all of...

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BoundCon III

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2006/7/21 – 2006/7/23 Event-Arena Munich We attended BoundCon I and II as visitors. The first time I was concerned that Der Jorge might not come back home with me. They promised to punish the slaves in the VIP area very hard for possible mistakes, but we couldn’t find any. So I didn’t need to worry anymore. At BoundCon III we had our first own booth. This was very exciting and new for us. We met a lot of wonderful new people and made a lot of interesting experiences. We displayed a few requisites from our first DVD – the...

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