BoundCon XVI

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5/24/2019 – 5/26/2019 – Zenith Munich These three days went by so fast. Thanks to our good friends of Explicit Numerics. It was fun using their “transport vehicle” for a ride around the hall. We had a lot of fun and the viewers too. On our own behalf: This was our 14th BoundCon as exhibitors. Looking back at 18 fairs in 13 years we remember the beginning when everything was new and exciting for us – and also for the visitors. But in the meantime much has become a habit, not least because of the Internet where everything is accessible...

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BoundCon XV

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5/25/2018 – 5/27/2018 – Zenith Munich This BoundCon was great again! Never we heard the same question so often than this year: “What the f… could this thing be used for?” Meant was the large transparent “blob” on wheels in the corner of our booth. Rolling with it through the narrow aisles on Saturday evening was quite a challenge… Many thanks to all who visited us at our booth and many thanks to all who supported us by purchasing our videos. We’re looking forward to the next BoundCon already! Cheers...

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BoundCon XIV

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5/25/2017 – 5/28/2017 – Zenith Munich This BoundCon fell under the motto “suitcase handling”. For us a great opportunity to say thank you to our good friend Modenarr, who performed the kidnapper in our latest film and gave us so much laughs. The visitors also enjoyed our tours through the exhibition hall. They liked pressing the bell buttons giving e-stim and vacuum to the person inside the suitcase. It was wonderful to see so many nice people visiting our booth… and big hugs and kisses to all of you who supported us by buying our...

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BoundCon XIII

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5/20/2016 – 5/22/2016 Zenith Munich. Wow, this BoundCon was great! We had a lot of fun and did a lot of crazy things at our booth. Right now we are waiting for the pictures our friends have taken. But here already a few impressions.

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BoundCon Austria II in Vösendorf/Vienna, 23. – 25. October 2015

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Last weekend we were at BoundCon Austria II in Vienna. After Hohenems last year this was our second Austrian exhibition. Unfortunately sales in Vienna were even worse than in Hohenems. Therefore we will not attend Austrian fairs anymore. At least we had the chance to deepen our contacts to other exhibitors and we made the best out of it. Again (like last year) no pictures …

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BoundCon XII

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5/22/2015 – 5/24/2015 Zenith Munich We enjoyed this BoundCon very much. It was wonderful to see old friends again and to meet new interesting people. Many thanks to all of you for supporting us and our work by purchasing some of our videos! We even got some gifts, which touched us very much. The champaign was very delicious (we hope that our Russian translation of “Thank you very much” is correct)! Never again eggs without salt! Our friend JG-Leathers joined us this year again at our booth and did a “Horseman”...

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BoundCon Austria/Switzerland 24. – 26.10.2014

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For the first time there was a BoundCon in Hohenems/Austria (October 24th – 26th 2014). This time we shared a large booth with Rubber’s Finest and Explicit Numerics. The weather was fantastic, the location wonderful… but almost nobody showed any interest in our work. This made us very sad and we were not in a good mood. Therefore you will not find any pictures here…

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BoundCon XI

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2014/05/23 – 2014/05/25 Zenith Munich First of all we like to say thank you to all the visitors who came to see us at our booth. A lot of hugs and kisses to all of you who supported us by buying our DVDs. When my complete body is sore I know that the fair has been fantastic … and this year’s BoundCon was fantastic :-). We hope you enjoy our...

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BoundCon X

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201375/24 – 201375/26 Zenith Munich At this exhibition we introduced the „Head Egg“. It is connected to the Body Shell and weighs about 11 lb. It was quite heavy to wear and I couldn’t see a thing. The planned video glasses that should go inside the helmet were not installed. It was pretty difficult to get me into the shell and the head egg. Fortunately one of the visitors helped us. So thanks again for your support! Explicit Numerics had a booth close to ours so I could rest for a while. I wore my new high heels, called Pleaser. I am...

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BoundCon IX

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2012/5/11 – 2012/5/13 Zenith Munich It took quite a while, but finally we could introduce our new DVD, called „Testlab“. This is the first DVD that is also available on Blu-ray. I wore my new Atlantis-catsuit from Fantastic Rubber, I just love the design. Because I love to wear masks and helmets I simply wore the body shell in combination with a motorcycle...

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BoundCon VIII

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2011/5/13 – 2011/5/15 Zenith Munich This year our booth was totally chaotic. J.G. Leathers brought quite a number of suitcases with lots of gadgets, an angel with huge black wings came to say hallo and so on and so forth. So we had a lot of cleaning up to do. We brought a few requisites of our new DVD “Testlab”. So I had the chance to relax a little while sitting in my “tube”. This exhibition J.G. and I had the possibility to try the bondage bed by Explicit...

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BoundCon VII

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2010/5/7 – 2010/5/8 Zenith Munich After a one year break our friend J.G. Leathers joined us again. One of the highlights was our tour through the exhibition hall with me wearing the Pleasure Suit. J.G. used to train Pony girls and was really strict with me (but I liked it a lot!). This year we presented the Body Shell for the first...

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Venus 2009

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2009/10/17 Berlin After the experiences of last year we wanted to give it one more try. No, we were not mistaken. But over all we don’t want to miss the two visits at the...

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BoundCon VI

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2009/5/15 – 2009/5/17 Zenith Munich This year’s theme: Takattum has lots of fun with the English John. I think the pictures show...

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Venus 2008

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2008/9/18 Berlin The Venus in Berlin. We had never experienced something like it. Already prior to the event hordes of young men ran around with beer in their hands. It was obvious that they did not have the courage even to buy the tickets without the right level of alcohol. We were guests of Andreas who run the fetish area. It was interesting to see how different people reacted to my rubber suit and the others gadgets. In the afternoon the atmosphere changed and we did not feel comfortable anymore, so we left early. We still cannot believe...

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BoundCon V

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2008/5/30 – 2008/6/1 Zenith Munich This year we shared our booth with our friend J.G. Leathers. Many visitors took the chance to meet him personally. He brought parts of his legendary creature. And properly dressed he looked very impressive using our A.M.D. device. Even experienced exhibitors couldn’t believe their eyes. The weather was nice, so we were able to take pictures outside. But a temperature of 30 degrees Celsius was very challenging for me wearing a rubber suit, ballet boots and the Twinset by Rubber’s...

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Planet Bizarre 2007

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2007/11/3 – 2007/11/4 Georg-Elser-Hallen Munich Here I could really let loose. The corset made by Fantastic Rubber was pretty tight but wonderful to wear. I had never seen a vacuum bed before. It was very interesting for me to try. But I was relieved that my head could stay outside the bed. Later we had a photo shoot with Sweet Trixie for her pay site. It was too bad that the organizer had to stop the event, so this was the last Planet Bizarre that took...

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Eros & Amore 2007

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2007/9/28 – 2007/10/7 Event-Arena Munich One year later – and we did it again. It was our second erotic fair in Munich and again 10 days to go. Some of the pictures show that I felt a little bit weird once in a while. But it was still an interesting experience to see the visitors arriving late from the German Oktoberfest. But this event should remain our last erotic fair as an...

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BoundCon IV

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2007/5/17 – 200775/20 Tonhalle Munich This exhibition was a very difficult one. At that point we were not sure whether we should abandon Captured Taboos or not. It was a great luck for us to meet the “English John”; his enthusiasm for our work convinced us to carry on. Since then John became almost a part of our exhibition team, he visits us every BoundCon. This year we presented the Pleasure Suit for the first...

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Planet Bizarre 2006

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2006/11/10 – 2006/11/11 Georg-Elser-Hallen Munich This was the first Planet Bizarre in Munich. For both of us an exhibition always feels like a short holiday. As soon as the lights go out and the first visitors appear we dive into a complete different world. It is a wonderful possibility to get away from the daily...

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