Die „Chastity Shell“

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Die „Chastity Shell“

Ein „Keuschheitsanzug“ aus Fiberglas
Dieses Projekt stammt aus den Jahren 2008 bis 2010.

Von der Form zur Schale

Die zwei Halbschalen nach dem Auseinandersägen und Entformen; der seitliche Verschlussmechanismus entsteht.

Nach dem Schleifen, frisch grundiert – langsam wird die Oberfläche ansehnlich!

Die erste Anprobe mit provisorischem Verschlussmechanismus. Noch ist die Shell weiß, später wird sie hochglänzend schwarz.

Die ersten Applikationen wurden angebracht.


Das fertige Resultat:

36 Kommentare

  1. I would like to see a guy wearing something similar to this as a guys shape or as a forced fem.

    • i would be evry pleased to be a male „victim“

  2. I’m wondering if she can walk in this shell…I would like too see it with the egg shell too..

    • Hello 2HOTFYOU,

      thank you for your comment. Actually, I could walk a little while wearing the shell – but very small steps of course, more like tiptoeing. During BoundCon X I was wearing the shell in combination with the head egg. You can find some pictures: „Events“ „BoundCon X“.

      Best regards


  3. An absolutely fascinating device. ( Been watching that for some time now.)

    2 items that came to my mind for enhancements:

    CFRP inlays for the latex gloves/suit arms that cover the underside of fingers, hand and upper/lower arm in a semicircle. formed to allow a natural but unmovalbe posture to wear btween flesh and latex 😉

    An inflatable bag ( incompressible and weighty water or just air ) for internal wear in the belly area to adjust comfort levels.


    • Hello cMac,

      thank you very much for your comment and all the suggestions for further enhancements :-). Regarding the inflatable bag: A great idea, but unfortunately the shell is so tight, that there is no space for such a bag left. The thought of the CFRP inlay is very tempting and I will for sure think about a way to realize this.

      Best regards

      Der Jorge

      • too sad with the bag, though I’d think that a flat bag made from two sheets of rubber foil should always fit. 😉

        On inlays:
        I thought about doing a negative mold either directly in plaster of paris or with alginate backed by pop. you have to take care to keep the fingers separated enough to later fit the gloves over the assembly..
        layer some drapable carbon cloth into the form ( more layers towards the „axis“ for stiffness while keeping the fringe thinner )
        together with resin and then vacuum bag and cure the whole shebang. Finish by cutting the boders to measure.

        With a fitted mold at hand I probably could give some assistance.

      • The glove underlay is an item that I have had considered form many years. As a fan of bondage in public that doesn’t upset the vanilla folks I have always toyed with the idea of creating an insert that could be worn inside a pair of vintage style gloves and then take my wife out in public with her hands totally immobilized. The problem is that in order to get the gloves on you have to be able to flex and bend your fingers. I was thinking that could be solved with a zipper but perhaps the latex glove will stretch enough.

        The suit itself is awesome. I had no idea that it was rigid. I ham having trouble though understanding how the hinges and wires work when putting it on. Do you have to thread that wire every time?

        • Hello Mike,

          thank you very much for your comment! The glove underlay worn in public is a fascinating idea. I’m not sure whether that might work using latex gloves instead leather gloves, but I assume that it will be quite difficult to put the latex gloves on. The material is very stretchy of course, but the gloves might tear, espcecially if the underlay spreads the fingers (a bit).
          Regarding the hinges: Yes I do have to thread that wires every time. Because the hinges are curved, there is no possibility to open the shell with the wires already in place. After the shell is closed but not yet locked with the padlocks at the shoulders and the thighs you can thread the wires easily. After the padlocks are attached, there is not way to remove the wires again.

          Best reagards

          Der Jorge

        • You#d need help in getting the gloves on anyway..

          One hlepfull way would be to inflate the gloves.
          ( to make that compatible with putting your hand into the glove we could invert the process.
          Put the glove into a tube with some separators inserted into a hollow tube and evcutate the space between glove and tube.. Best solution would be a form that follows the glove with some material addd on the outside.

          • nix the typing errors!

  4. I’d be very interesting in having one of these, and would love it paired with the egg head. Would you be willing to make one for me?

    • Hello Stephanie,

      we are really glad that you like the shell and the head egg. This was a special project and it took me about 3 years to get it finished. It was an incredible amount of work and therefore it is going to stay a unique ensemble. It was fun to build that stuff, but I will never do this again, not even for Takattum.
      Thanks again for your interest.

      Best regards

      Der Jorge

  5. Would it be possible to make one of these for me. It looks quite interesting

  6. how do you put it on? i see that the 2 halves have many locks, but how do you keep it together properly?
    In the picture set of the testfitting, i see that the 2 parts are kept together with a metal wire in the hinges, does the finished item have this metal wire in it?

    • Hello,

      the metal wires are optional. During the construction process I was not sure, whether the 5 locks are sufficient to keep everything in place properly. After I completed the shell, I found out that the hinges-like edges of the two parts are fitting very well together and the five locks are sufficient to hold everything together properly even without the metal wires. Anyway, I can put the metal wires into the hinges for considerably more stability and secureness 🙂

      Best regards

      Der Jorge

  7. Looks more like a backbrace… very erotic!

    • Thank you very much for your nice comment!

  8. Wollt Ihr nicht viellleicht einmal eine Videoszene drehen, in der Takkatum die Shell angelegt bekommt? Wäre doch schade, wenn das schäne Stück immer nur unbenutzt auf dem Speicher liegt :-)…

    Ich glaube, die Shell gehört zu Euren tolltsten Erfindungen, und viele Fans würden sie gern in Aktion sehen.

    Alles Gute für Eure Projekte!


    • Hallo Maria,
      vielen Dank für Deine Nachricht. Ich traue es mich ja gar nicht zu sagen, aber die Shell passt mir gerade nicht mehr. Ich glaube, ich habe zweimal zu tief eingeatmet. Und das Ding war von Haus aus so eng, das (ohne zu schwindeln) nur ein paar Gramm an gewissen Stellen ausreichten, so dass sie momentan nicht mehr passt. Schluchz …

  9. Liebe Takkatum,

    vielen Dank für Deine Antwort, aber ich kann es fast gar nicht glauben. Du hast eine so fantastsche Figur! Gewiss – die Doku, wie die Shell hergestellt wurde, zeigt schon, wie eng es darin sein muss. Aber trotzdem – man kann sich nicht vorstellen, wo es angeblich kneifen soll.

    Wenn Du sie wirklich nicht mehr anziehen kannst – kannst Du dann vielleicht noch ein wenig beschreiben, wie es war, sie zu tragen? Ich glaube, viele Eurer Fans wüssten gern noch mehr darüber – schon weil sie gern selbst einmal so eingeschlossen wären.

    Hoffentlich mache ich Dir mit meiner Bitte nicht zu viel Mühe
    Liebe Grüße

    • Hallo Maria,
      ich kann gerne versuchen zu beschreiben, wie es sich anfühlt, sie zu tragen. Das kann aber ein wenig dauern, da wir gerade unsere DVD fertig machen und die BoundCon vorbereiten.
      Liebe Grüße, Takattum

  10. Wo bekommt man so eine Chastity Shell her?
    Oder wo kann man sich so eine machen lassen?

    Liebe Grüße Tobias

    • Hallo Tobias,

      die Shell habe ich selber entworfen und auch selber gebaut. Da ich kein Profi in der GFK-Verarbeitung bin, war der Aufwand enorm. Noch einmal würde ich so etwas nicht wieder bauen. Ich wüsste auch niemanden, der so etwas anbietet. Eventuell ein Fetisch-affiner Kunstharz-Laminat-Profi aus dem Bereich Surfbretter, Autoteile, Bootsbau etc.

      Viele Grüße

      Der Jorge

  11. Just curious how long Takattum was locked in that thing at Boundcon. Minutes…hours? She looked exhausted after the helmet was removed.

    • It was almost an hour. This might not sound like a long time but it was long enough to look so exhausted as Takattum did when we removed the helmet.

      Best regards, Der Jorge

      • There should be a competition to see who could stay in there the longest! I would volunteer but I wouldn’t fit LOL!!

  12. how can i be the model ,i‘m in china ,but i can go to your country ,this is my dream

    • Hello Yoo,

      thank you very much for your comment! Unfortunately I don’t work with other models.

      Best regards

      Der Jorge

  13. WHere can I try it? I love this item!

    • Hi Wendy,

      I answered you already on Fetlife, but thanks for leaving a comment here!

      Best regards

      Der Jorge

  14. I would like to buy one for me so my gf can keep the key to it would be great whit my chastity device (penis cage) corset and locking ballet heels we are currently trying to find a way to lock me up in as mush as possible bdsm things,

  15. Hello, beautiful couple!

    Forgive my explicitness, but I have to say that no man has made my pussy to become so wet as a video where I saw Takattum wearing the egg head shell and the egg!

    I feel like the woman portrayed on the https://www.quora.com/Whats-the-naughtiest-thing-youve-done-in-a-nightclub/answers/37140746 story, but I didn’t take any drugs!

    I am not a lesbian, but I think I would a have a lesbian experience with Takattum dressed like that!

    May be I will make it to be on a coming Bound Con.

    ** and best wishes

    • I meant „wearing the shell and the egg!“

      Kisses and huge hugs

  16. i want to build one with chastity cage , yeah male one

    i want to integrate this with the shell

    LINK REMOVED – any though ?

    • Hi Randy Nick,

      thank you for your comment. Honestly, I’m not sure whether this will work or not. The only way to find out – just try it. If you like, please let us know what happened.
      Best regards

      Der Jorge