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“Endless Laces”

Size does matter!
“Endless laces” is the most elaborate picture we have realized to date. The picture size is 210 by 70 centimeters, showing the model life-size. In order to get a sufficient image quality for a print of this size, the picture was made up of seven single photos, mapping different parts of the whole scene.
The model was wearing a self-made corset, a self-made skirt and almost 6 inch high-heels. The corset was made of denim-reinforced latex (a self-developed composite material, it has a smooth latex surface but it is not stretchy at all). For the boning I used strip metal of varying thicknesses. The parts of the corset were glued and stitched together, the result was a very rigid latex corset- The hobble skirt was made of 1 mm thick industrial rubber, which is much cheaper but not as flexible as latex. (Who cares, it is a hobble skirt).
Over all I needed 98 grommets and 25 meters of laces (giving the picture its title) for the outfit and it took about half an hour to get the model dressed properly. Standing still without the possibility to hold on something for at least 20 seconds – the time I needed for each series of seven photos – was a real challenge even for a very dedicated model.
Endless Laces is available as special edition with a 6 cm wide passepartout made of the same rubber the hobble skirt was made of. The print is laminated on both sides; print and passepartout are stitched together. As shown on the picture the print is laced into a frame made of 20 mm stainless steel tubes. Laces and grommets are the same as used for the corset and the skirt.

Order #: 04_007
Format: special edition 210×70 cm
Price: upon request
Limited edition: 10

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  1. Atemberaubend! Wörtlich und im übertragenen Sinn!

    Warum sieht man nur nicht mehr solche Kleider beim alltäglichen Einkauf im Aldi oder bei McDonalds?

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